Stafford Post Office Pistols and Rifle Club has its own range building, built and constructed by its members. The club has 25m range with 5 firing points which can be used for cartridge weapons at 25 meters and air rifle and pistol at 25 and 10 meters.

Safety procedures are in place to ensure the safety of anyone using the range. These rules and guidelines must be adhered to at all times, there are NO EXCEPTIONS !!!



Each booth allows the sportsman to practice their chosen discipline either standing, prone, freestyle or supported. Each lane has a dedicated spotting scope to check shot placement.

Only active participants and the range officer are present while live firing is undertaken. Spectators can view the range from the observation lounge.


 Observation Lounge

The observation lounge is often used by members who are waiting for a lane or just want to be sociable. There is a healthy supply of up to date magazines and plenty of club banter.

Secure storage facilities are available for club and personal equipment.



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